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Mocktail Pack

Mocktail Pack


All made with real fruit and homemade herb simple syrups.

Choose from the options below (flavors are based on availability, and we will contact you if a flavor goes out of stock):

1) Strabiscus Sageberry: hibiscus tea, strawberry, sage simple syrup

2) Sweet as a Peach: black tea, peach, rosemary simple syrup 

3) Rango Mineapple: mango, pineapple, rosemary simple syrup

4) Masil Blemonade: lemonade, blueberry, mint and basil simple syrup (out of stock)

5) Coco Límon: coconut lemonade (out of stock)

6) Muava Pasil: guava, pineapple, mint and basil simple syrup

7) Triple L: lychee, lemonade, lavendar simple syrup

8) His Blackberry Rose: hibiscus tea, blackberry, rosemary simple syrup (out of stock)

9) Tangello: tangerine limoncello 

10) Spiced Hibiscus: hibiscus, lime, spiced simple syrup

Keep refrigerated or frozen.

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