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About Us

Our Story

Buddin’ Bakery was founded in 2020 with a mission to provide baked goods that are better for you.

Yes, we use sugar too, but we don’t believe a treat has to be saturated in it! Instead, we believe in focusing on the flavor we want to portray.         

We use fresh, local if possible, ingredients to bring you wholesome baked goods. All goodies are also created in micro-batches to ensure quality.

What's Important to Us?


  • Using fresh, local if possible, ingredients with no preservatives or GMOs

  • Human bodies are engines, we need to take care of them (physically and mentally) if we want to keep running


  • Supporting our team members growth both inside and outside of work

  • Supporting other small, minority-owned, and/or woman-owned businesses


  • Each person is unique; celebrate these differences

  • Ability to be one’s self

  • Showcasing worldly flavors and desserts


  • Striving to be the best one can be

  • Creating an environment where all can feel welcomed


  • Being innovative and always thinking of the "next new great thing"

  • Being open to all ideas


  • Always doing our best and striving for better 

  • Loving being “Perfectly Imperfect!”


  • Doing what we can for the environment

  • Using compostable, or made from post-consumer recycled material packaging when possible

Meet the Masterminds



Growing up, Mahogany would spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So much so that she decided she wanted to become a chef. From taking cooking classes in middle and high school, to entering competitions, and graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, she has been determined to make her dream come true.

 After being trained in Culinary Arts, she never would have thought she would open a bakery. So much precision, time, and patience. Which is why she decided to open one that was the opposite. No more "baking is a science." Baking is an art. We are artists.

"Our bakery is the way my sister and I can showcase the talents we've spent years developing. And bring our dreams to light."


Growing up, Madjesty always loved music, dancing, and engaging with people. 

She decided to pursue a career in bartending, hoping to one day open her own bar and club. 

After losing her job to the COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to focus more on growing her own brand, Madjesty's Elevated Spirits.


Using the recipes she spent years developing, she has created at-home cocktail mixes using real fruits and homemade simple syrups. Quality ingredients for your elevated spirits.

In her spare time, Madjesty also models. Follow her on Instagram @madj_money_

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