Elevated Spirits

Meet the

Growing up, Madjesty always loved music, dancing, and engaging with people. 

She decided to pursue a career in bartending, hoping to one day open her own bar and club. 

After losing her job to the COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to focus more on growing her own brand, Madjesty's Elevated Spirits. Using the recipes she spent years developing, she has created at-home cocktail mixes using real fruits and homemade simple syrups. Quality ingredients for your elevated spirits.

In her spare time, Madjesty also models. Follow her on Instagram @madj_money_


Elevated Spirits

Masil Blemonade

lemon, blueberries, mint and basil simple syrup

Sweet as a Peach

black tea, peach, rosemary simple syrup

Triple L

lychee, lemon, lavender simple syrup

Coco Límon

coconut lemonade

Rango Mineapple

mango, pineapple, lemon, rosemary simple syrup

Strabiscus Sageberry

hibiscus tea, strawberry, sage simple syrup

Muava Pasil

guava, pineapple, mint and basil simple syrup